Plath’s Meats | Michigan

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Tim Tolbert

It’s been awhile! Here’s a post from the old blog originally published 5 years ago that seems apt for another winter day.

Little known outside of Michigan, Plath’s is a multi generation family owned artisan meat smoking operation based in Rogers City.   Plath’s smokes whitefish, various cuts of pork and cures their own bacon and hams.  Their products blow away anything produced by Dearborn, Nueske’s and other more well known smoked meat purveyors.  This year they’re celebrating their 101st anniversary.

Rogers City, a deep water harbor on Lake Huron approximately 60 miles south of the
magnificent Straits of Mackinaw is a working class town known for the largest open pit limestone quarry in the world and fine fishing with an increasingly upscale resort lifestyle.  Plath’s has also recently opened a  new retail operation in Petoskey, Michigan.

For as long as I can remember, Plath’s has set the gold standard for thick cut bacon and plump sausages.  But a more recent revelation has been their house cured Hams.  I’m now in possession of one and continue to marvel at the rich smoky flavor and quality of the meat.  This is no Smithfield run of the mill Ham!  Each bite brings forth new flavors including hints of clove, brown sugar and sweet hickory smoke.

plath eggs and ham

I’m now scanning my cookbooks and the web for the ultimate bean and ham soup recipe that will properly showcase this world class ham — update to follow..please stay tuned.

Do yourself a favor and give Plath’s a call today, have them ship you 2 Lbs of their bacon and a couple of smoked pork loin chops, you will be amazed and enchanted.

Plath’s Meats